Mission Statement:


Clearly Created ~ Experience the Evidence

The mission of Foundations in Genesis is to equip people to know how to defend the biblical worldview as related to science, origins, history and precepts for living and to teach all who ask the harmony between Biblical revelation and the scientific understanding of the Creation. Genesis 1:1 &

Romans 1:20

Statement of Faith:

WE BELIEVE in the triune God: The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

WE BELIEVE that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, sufficient for perfection and all good works, and that all of its assertions are historically and scientifically true in the original autographs; this means that the account of origins in Genesis is a factual presentation of actual historical truths.

WE BELIEVE that the final guide to the interpretation of Scripture is Scripture itself.

WE BELIEVE that the doctrines of the Creator and the Creation are foundational to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

WE BELIEVE that although the scientific aspects of Creation are important in countering the pernicious effects of materialism/evolutionism, they are secondary in importance to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as Sovereign, Creator, Redeemer and Judge.

WE BELIEVE that a Biblical world-view is an essential foundation for interpretation of scientific facts and is the only worldview that will lead to true advances in our understanding of all aspects of Creation.

WE BELIEVE that the origin of matter and all basic types of living things, including man, came about through direct creative acts of God during the six-day creation week described in Genesis.

WE BELIEVE the biological changes that have occurred since the creation week reflect both the genetic potential of the original kinds and mutational deterioration. These biological changes have occurred only within the created kinds, many of which have been caused by or accompanied by a loss of information encoded in the DNA of each kind.

WE BELIEVE that the great flood described in Genesis, commonly referred to as the Noachian Flood, was an historic event, worldwide in extent and effect.

WE BELIEVE and accept the account of the special creation of Adam and Eve as the first man and woman. Their subsequent fall into sin, by disobedience of God’s direct command, is the basis for our belief in the necessity of a Savior for all mankind.

THEREFORE, WE BELIEVE that Jesus Christ is our only Savior and that personal faith in Him is necessary for the gift of salvation and that the resultant loving submission to Him and His precepts as Lord of our lives, is a sign of our faith.

Our Goal:

Slime & Time or Clearly Created? Foundations In Genesis is a Creation equipping station. People learn to check the stability of their life, their purpose and beliefs through presentations and field adventures, using critical thinking skills to understand the truth, science and evidences of a Creator, Creation & the Bible. Foundations In Genesis is a challenging creation bootcamp teaching people to know, defend & live with purpose a six day creation biblical worldview.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” from The Holy Bible: Genesis 1:1

“For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible—all things have been created through Him and for Him.” Colossians 1:16

“For in six days the Lord made the Heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them…” Exodus 20:11

What does science tell us about the scriptures above? Did everything begin evolving billions of years ago after the big bang or are we living on a young earth created by God?