How long has Foundations in Genesis been operating ?

Foundations In Genesis began in 1997 (See ‘About Us‘- Founder)

Is there a membership fee or dues ?

Foundations In Genesis does not have a membership, fee’s or due’s. Donations are accepted at our events.

What type of speakers does Foundations In Genesis offer ?

Foundations In Genesis offers Christian speakers who, having an area of expertise, demonstrate the scientific practical evidences of a Creator God verses the evidences of evolution. Experts include Scientists, Doctors and other experts in their fields.

How do I find out when Foundations In Genesis events are coming up ? features upcoming events and a sign up to receive email announcements. Church contacts provide fliers and posters for their congregations. Local Christian radio stations feature interviews with upcoming speakers. Newspapers may also contain announcements.

Do you have to be a scientist to understand the presentations and field adventures ?

Speakers specifically format their presentations for the everyday individual. Attendee’s find the events exciting, informative and challenging.

What age groups are the Foundations In Genesis Events suitable for ?

Foundations In Genesis presentations & field adventures are family oriented. For technical presentations, childrens programs may be offered on the same topic including a mini lecture, hands on activities and experiments. Field Adventures have included all ages.

How long are the presentations ?

Foundations In Genesis presentations range from 60-90 minutes long.

What kind of Field Adventures do you offer ?

Foundations In Genesis offers local one day trips as well as multiple day distance trips that include a field guide. Costs are kept at a minimum. Areas of science include geology, biology, anthropology, archeology and more.

Where and when does Foundations in Genesis offer presentations ?

Foundations In Genesis offers main presentations in the Treasure Valley. Typically, these presentations are the last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of January – April and September/October. Additional presentations can be scheduled for area schools, groups and churches.

Is Foundations in Genesis affiliated with Answers In Genesis ?

Foundations In Genesis and Answers In Genesis are separate organizations. They are similar in that both organizations support a biblical world view and a six day Creation.

Is Foundations In Genesis affiliated with other Cration Science organizations ?

Foundations In Genesis is not associated with, however is similar to other Creation Science organizations who support a biblical world-view and a six day creation.

Is Foundations In Genesis part of a church or denomination ?

Foundations In Genesis in an independent Christian organization having no affiliation with a particular church, religion or denomination. (See our mission statement for what we believe)

Does Foundations in Genesis use the Bible or science as the foundation of their organization ?

The Bible in Genesis 1: 1 ‘In the beginning…’ is the oldest historical record known to man. It describes the physical heavens, earth, universe and physical, mental and spiritual elements of mankind, that originated from a Creator God. All area’s of science known to mankind, require a beginning, which began at Creation. The scientific evidences confirm and reinforce the historical accounts recorded in the Bible. The Bible is also a compass of morals and ethics for living for all mankind. Belief and faith in God opens a personal relationship with Him. Each individual becomes living evidence of God as they grow and trust their Creator through life’s journey on this earth. Those who believe in God will see and experience the evidences heaven and eternal life, living with God and other believers forever. Those who do not believe in God will see and experience the evidences of Hell for eternity, living with Satan, demons and others who did not believe in God.