Bob Compton was born Dec. 2, 1935 in Boise, Idaho. He received a B.A. degree with honors and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with honors from Washington State University (WSU), Pullman, WA.   He received a Ph.D. degree with a major in Neurophysiology and a minor in Neuroanatomy from University of Wisconsin (UW), Madison.  He was awarded a three year National Institutes of Health post-doctoral fellowship by the Laboratory of Neurophysiology at University of Wisconsin.

After Veterinary practice he taught Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Pullman, WA.  During his last six years, he was a tenured Associate Professor before he left to work in private industry.  Later, he accepted a position as Northwest Regional Manager and Technical Services Veterinarian with Grand Laboratories, Inc., a biologics corporation, now part of Novartis, Inc.  Here he published technical and educational articles and monographs for producers and veterinarians regarding Bovine Immunology and Infectious diseases.

Bob surrendered his life to Jesus at about nine years old.  During his 22 years’ association with academia, he was immersed in a culture dominated by materialistic evolution.  This was very intimidating, since there seemed to be no scientific evidence against the evolutionists’ claims.  Then in 1976 he read a book “The Creation-Evolution Controversy” by Dr. Randy Wysong.  The content of this book and additional studies over the next 35 years completely transformed his confidence in God’s existence and the authority of God’s word – the Bible!

Bob is convinced that the teaching of Materialism/Evolution in public schools is causing young Christians to lose their faith in God.  When teachers/professors speak with “authority” about evolution as being “factual” and ridicule Christianity as “myth”, most students are helpless to provide a sound counter argument in defense of the biblical narrative.

In 1997, Bob and his wife Patty organized a group to host an Answers In Genesis Family Conference in Boise, Idaho.  The event was hugely successful.  Over 2,000 enthusiastic people attended.  At the end of the conference many people asked us “what’s next?” – “where can we learn more about this locally?”  We did not have an answer.  Our group decided to become permanent by creating an organization named “Foundations In Genesis of Idaho” ( and started putting on local seminars ourselves.  One member, Brent Carter, a geologist with outstanding field experience, started conducting geological field trips, which demonstrated the remains of a global flood.  These family friendly field trips have proven to be extremely popular with people of all ages.

In 2011, Bob helped publish a book “Without Excuse”, which he co-authored with Dr. Werner Gitt and Dr. Jorge Fernandez.  This book unambiguously defines Universal Information, identifies its source, and discovers its presence within all living organisms.  The book scientifically confirms the existence of God and the Bible as His only written message to mankind.  The book also refutes Materialism together with cosmic, chemical, and biological evolution.

In 2006, Bob helped establish a new Bible Institute ( called Charnock Institute of the Bible in Payette, Idaho.  Bob continues to teach the following two classes at CIB – “Science and World-views” and “Foundations of Biblical Sanctification”.