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Our family has attended FIGI events for 16 years. Science to our kids meant ‘FIGI’. In the beginning, we were evolutionists. Through many expert speakers on topics like, ‘The Wonders of the Cell’, ‘Darwinism Massacred By A Monarch’ & Advanced Technology of Ancient Man, the evolutionary belief we had crumbled as we learned about critical thinking and real scientific evidence that supports the Creation account in Genesis. The field adventures opened up a whole new understanding for the great outdoors. We now can recognize the overflowing evidence of Noah’s Flood in the mountains and valleys teaming with fossils, lava flows, rock formations, huge post flood lakes like Bonneville, Missoula and Lake Idaho. FIGI expertly reveals the dangers of indoctrination and the value of scientific, historical and biblical truth in the foundations of hearts and minds.
K.H. Payette, ID
David is a remarkable speaker…he speaks in a way that connects with people where they live. I strongly advise that he be invited back next year to speak at another FIGI event and I know the Midvale Cowboy Church would welcome him back with open arms to speak at their morning service. Rarely have we heard a speaker who is engaged daily with the public in life and death circumstances and who understands “first hand” the importance of reaching people with the message of salvation…since their next breath may be their last one.
B.C. Midvale, ID
David Bishop’s information was a reinforcement of what I know. I did like the comment, One needs a mindset to go with a skill. Thank you!
M.D. Midvale, ID
David Bishop surprised us by having more of a worldview emphasis than a
science emphasis, but it was just what we needed! Since a person’s
worldview is the foundation for all the other information they process
(including science info from FIGI), it was a great “refresher” in getting
reminded and grounded in the futility of humanistic worldviews, and how to
respond to those who think this way. It was encouraging to realize what a
solid foundation we have. My reluctant children said afterward that they
were glad they had gone. Bishop’s presentation was practical and immediately applicable.
Mr. Bishop shared stories from history I had NEVER heard, nor had my children (how sad)! I went through the publicschool system, and my children were/are homeschooled. We were riveted and moved by Mr. Bishops’s passion for God’s word and his contagious love of country . Since hearing David’s message, we have continued to remember “mind set”
versus just a “skill set” – potentially life-changing for a 15 year-old boy like my son!
C.M. Meridian, ID
Advanced Apologetics workshop with Mike Riddle Friday night and Saturday in Nampa, Idaho was excellent. I thought the speakers were very knowledgeable and committed to training people like myself to be able to evangelize the church and the un-churched by standing on the complete authority of God’s Word starting with the Creation account in Genesis. I also learned that a layman can effectively challenge Scientists in regards to the supporting evidence for macro-evolution by asking three questions. 1. How do you know it’s true? 2. Has it ever been observed? and 3. Are you making any assumptions? I have memorized the location of two scriptures that admonish us to defend or “agonize” for the faith.1 Peter 3:15 and Jude 1:3. (I did not check my notes.) Sunday I shared some of what I learned with a JR. High Bible class.
S.L. Nampa, ID
I appreciated Mr. Mike Riddle’s clear cut presentation. You came away with food for thought that was applicable & practical, not easily forgotten and not overwhelming. His presentation skills are effective. I have been thinking about the basics of the Bible and being equipped to discuss with others evangelistically while avoiding all the baggage that that can creep in and distract. Many thanks to FIGI, Mike Riddle & Jay Lucas.
Anonymous, Nampa, ID
Dr. Thomas Kindell brought out the evidence for creation as God stated in the Bible, with such carefully presented data, and enthusiasm and made himself available to spend time with us afterward, which meant a lot to us. The pertinent information that is available to school aged children is a huge benefit. Our daughter has made sure that her three kids has been at most of the sessions for over ten years. They are able to spot non-Biblical worldviews, and have confidence in God’s Word. We count it a privilege to partner with Figi from month to month.
Thank you, Brent, Winston, Kathy, and all who labor to the end that our faith is fanned. God bless your ministry.
Mrs. A Nampa, ID
FIGI is an excellent blessing of exceptional scientific minds that come together to extend the truth of Creation as delineated in the Bible. FIGI is entertaining, stimulating, builds friendships and connects the Body of Christ. They accept critical thinkers and encourage lively debate. FIGI is about science and exposing error in scientific dogma. If you are a Christian and still having trouble with the Creation account, FIGI will help you strengthen your faith.
B.A. Nampa, ID
The students of River of Life so enjoyed David Bishop. He is engaging to listen to as well as humorous and informative. The time he shared just flew by. He covered a variety of information and was very relatable to our students. We’ve had David speak to our kids before and we would again. He does a great job of representing our Christian world-view! 2015 September Speaker David Bishop & Topic Creation & the Military: A God of Order, Design & A Moral Code
Pastor J.W. Payette, ID